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What Colour Goes With Grey Kitchen Units?

Grey is a timeless kitchen colour choice, offering an easy-to-live-with neutral that looks beautiful when styled with beautiful accents.

What colors go best with grey kitchen units? There are many shades to choose from and it is important to consider the atmosphere you wish your space to create before selecting a color scheme.

1. Light Blues and Yellows

For a more minimalist aesthetic, white cabinets are an ideal option. However, if you want your kitchen to feel cozier and homely, adding some light blue or yellow elements can add visual interest as well as texture.

2. Pastel Pinks

If you’re looking to add a feminine touch to your kitchen, pastel shades of pink are an ideal choice. They pair beautifully with grey and can be combined with virtually any other shade for an eye-catching appearance.

bright grey colored kitchen
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3. Bright Greens

If you’re searching for something more daring, vibrant shades of green can be a great option. They create an eye-catching contrast to dark greys and are usually combined with other vibrant hues to give the room a vibrant vibe.

4. Purples and Browns

If you’re going for softer, more mature colors, purples and browns can work beautifully with grey. Not only will these add warmth to your space, but they can be paired with wood for an attractive effect.

5. Golds and Coppers

If you’re going for a more modern aesthetic, metallic elements can be an ideal addition to your kitchen design. They provide subtle sophistication without overwhelming the space.

6. Reds and Oranges

For a bolder color to pair with grey, red is an excellent option. It can serve as an alternative to blue and will definitely stand out in your kitchen from other hues.

yellow kitchen
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7. Turquoise, Teal and Navy

If you’re going for a softer coastal vibe, these three colors make an excellent choice. They complement mid-greys perfectly and can even be layered for extra depth.

8. Blues and Neutrals

If you love grey, but don’t want it to feel too clinical, pair it with lighter shades of neutrals. These create a more relaxed atmosphere and can be paired with natural textures like rustic wood floors or woven baskets on shelving for an open concept kitchen that exudes freshness and airiness.

9. Black

If you’re searching for a darker-hued grey, black is an excellent option. Not only does it create an eye-catching accent color, but it can also serve to create an impressive focal point in your kitchen.

Gray is an incredibly versatile neutral that pairs perfectly with virtually any other hue, so you can use it to complement any other design element in your kitchen. For a more playful aesthetic, add in splashes of yellow or pink for some playful flair.

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