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What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen With White Cabinets?

What color should i paint my kitchen with white cabinets?

White is a timeless choice for the kitchen, working well with all kinds of design styles. It makes the space appear brighter, lighter and larger when finished in either high-gloss or semi-gloss finish.

When selecting a white paint shade for your interior design project, it’s essential to pick one that complements other decor elements and reflects natural light well. Furthermore, choose shades of white that go well with countertops, backsplash and floors so everything looks unified in the space.

Popular colors for painting kitchen walls are neutrals like white, gray and beige. These hues provide a blank canvas to experiment with different hues throughout the rest of the room while still creating an air of calm and balance.

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If you’re searching for a neutral that can complement a variety of wall colors, warm gray is an ideal choice. This softer version of the popular cool gray hue is great for accentuating white cabinets and adding warmth to the kitchen.

You have a wide range of colors to choose from for your kitchen walls – from cool grays and neutral browns, to vibrant blues and greens. Experiment with contrasting hues but be mindful not to pick one too bold for the space.

Neutrals are an excellent way to make your kitchen appear larger, less cramped and more airy, particularly if it has low ceilings.

When selecting a neutral for your kitchen, it’s essential to take into account its exposure and natural lighting. If the kitchen faces northward, warm tones would be ideal as this type of exposure helps soften any dullness that might result.

Additionally, if your kitchen is east or west facing, you should take into account the amount of northern or southern light that enters the room. A northern exposure will diminish the warmth of a color like cool white while southern exposure adds warmth to warmer whites.

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Another color that could work well for your kitchen walls is a neutral beige, such as Ballet White or Shoji White. These shades offer cream/beige with a green undertone and will go great with lighter-colored granites.

If you’re seeking a subtle splash of color in your kitchen, opt for pastel hues like mint green or lavender. These will create an eye-catching effect without being as overwhelming as bolder, more vibrant hues.

You could also choose a soft yellow as the base color for your kitchen walls. This would make an inviting space with lots of natural sunlight that you can easily change up with new countertops and accessories.

If you’re in search of a brighter hue, try yellow-green or mint green. Both appear vibrant and fresh against white cabinets, plus they are easy to paint over if you change your mind later on.

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