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Where to Put a Microwave in Your Kitchen

Every kitchen needs a microwave, but finding the ideal location can be tricky. It’s not just about where it goes – it also depends on how accessible you want it to be.

Ideal location for the microwave should be easy to access and away from any potential distractions when cooking or doing other tasks. This is especially pertinent if you have children or pets that require frequent usage of the microwave.

In-Cabinet Storage

Another great option for storing a microwave is installing it into a cabinet. These cabinets are specifically designed to hold the microwave, with doors that swing open like regular cabinet doors or slide out like drawers. Not only are these stylish pieces of furniture practical in the kitchen, but they also add some style.

The only drawback to these options is that they usually necessitate more planning and installation work than other microwave placement options.

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Under-Cabinet Storage

If space in your kitchen is limited, an under cabinet microwave storage option could be ideal. It leaves room on top for food preparation while providing additional space to store other kitchen necessities like cleaning supplies or items that need refilling.

Although not as ergonomic as other placement options, this option is perfect for those with limited cabinet space or who just need a convenient place to store their microwave.

Microwaves are often found on kitchen islands, making them a perfect spot for your microwave. Not only is the large appliance well-suited to an island setting, but it also provides extra storage space for pots and pans.

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Over-Range Microwaves

Over-range microwaves are the perfect solution for kitchens that don’t have as much counter space as an island. Not only do they take up minimal countertop space, but they won’t interfere with other cooking appliances in your area either.

Be sure to select a microwave with an integrated ventilation system so the stovetop area won’t get too hot.

Placing your microwave over an oven range can be a convenient choice for small kitchens, as it keeps the unit at eye level to easily monitor heating processes. This placement also works well if you want your centrally located microwave out of the way; it takes up minimal countertop space and fits perfectly in even narrow kitchens.

Microwaves are ideal for kitchens with butler’s pantries or basement bar stations. By placing the microwave near a coffee machine or snack machine, it becomes effortless to whip up quick breakfasts and snacks in no time.

Hutch Pantry Review: For microwave use, a standard hutch pantry is an ideal choice as it provides ample countertop space. However, if your pantry is larger, make sure there is ample clearance above and below your microwave to make it accessible.

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