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How to Decorate a Kitchen Island

Refinishing your kitchen or simply wanting to freshen it up? Decorating the island is an inexpensive and stylish way to give the room a polished, new look without breaking your budget. It’s the perfect way to give your space an updated, polished look without breaking the bank!

One of the best ways to decorate a kitchen island is by including tabletop sculptures and art. These can range from expensive pieces, like this bust from Kelley Nan, to more budget-conscious options that still make a statement.

Sculptures and art are ideal for the island, adding texture and depth to the space, making it appear more sophisticated. Pair these pieces with existing items in the room, such as candles or a woven tray, for an even more stylish look.

Displaying fruit bowls is another excellent decoration for the kitchen island. Not only does this give your island a fresh new look, but it’s also an excellent way to show off all of your home’s culinary creations!

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Greenery and flowers are another great way to decorate your kitchen island. Place them in a tabletop vase or display in a potted plant for added visual interest. If you have more space, try arranging multiple vases together as one focal point.

Candles are essential in any home. Not only do they cast a warm, welcoming glow, but they also add an atmosphere of comfort to any space. Whether you opt for small or large candles, they’re sure to add an elegant touch to your kitchen island decor.

Succulents are a popular centerpiece choice due to their beauty, low upkeep requirements and ability to be moved around the year. Plus, succulents offer creative kitchen island decor options; fill them with anything from flowers and ornaments to fruit or vegetables!

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If you’re on a budget, try using decorative marble or wood trays in your kitchen island. Christina Dennis’ kitchen proves this tip!

Trays are an excellent solution for smaller islands that don’t have a lot of counter space. Not only do the trays store spices, oils and small appliances but they add an attractive design element to your island as well.

Utilizing vintage accents is an excellent way to bring life and texture to your kitchen island, especially if it has a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic. Items like this antique bread bowl can add character and interest in spaces that might otherwise appear cold or impersonal.

Your island can also serve as a showcase for collectibles, such as artisanal cookware and vintage flower vases. Group these items together in the center of your kitchen island to create an aesthetically pleasing focal point and tie everything together.

When creating the centerpiece for your kitchen island, there are a few simple rules you can follow: group them in odd numbers and heights, use items with similar designs and colors, and keep everything grouped on a tray. This will make it look intentional instead of like you just threw everything on the counter because there wasn’t another place for them.

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